Founded in 2001, Xielaw is a team of professional lawyers and legal assistants who will work collectively on your case under the leadership of managing attorney Jeff Zhengquan Xie. Here are the reasons why you should choose us to satisfy your immigration needs:

You are looking for an attorney who cares about your (our) cases.

We care about your case! All of our clients (corporate and individual) receive personal service and attention. From the moment you contact us for your case evaluation, we pay special attention first to whether we can help you and how we can help. We put ourselves in our clients’ position and plan the case from our clients’ standpoint. We fully understand and appreciate that we would not have grown without our clients’ support. You are the boss and we are working for you. In order to make the boss happy, we must take care to treat each case as if it were our own.

You are looking for an attorney who cares about his reputation.

We are living on our excellent reputation! Our growth and expansion are a result of our excellent reputation in the immigrant community. The majority of our new clients come to us because by word of mouth from our former or existing clients and even from their relatives or friends. Our reputation is built on consistent hard work, honesty, integrity, and quality service. We have never accepted a case that we knew we could not handle for a client, and we would never attempt to take advantage of our clients. If we see any possible issues with your case, we will tell you about them up front. We will never offer you those 100% guarantees or similar empty promises as a means of gaining your trust and business. We are not the USCIS officers who adjudicate your case. We have always given our clients advice and all viable options so that they can make informed decisions. Once you have entrusted your cases to us, we will work hard to achieve your satisfaction. We seek innovative ways to achieve success in each case we are handling, no matter how difficult they appear to be. If there is a legal and ethical way to achieve success in your case, we will do everything we can to achieve it. We do not cut corners because we will not risk anything that could tarnish our reputation. Some people have asked our managing attorney why we have been so successful. He replied: “The secret is treating our clients well, as we would treat our friends; being honest, working hard, and doing a good job on all cases!”

You are looking for an attorney who cares about the result.

A successful result is our first consideration when we accept the case. Thus we are particularly conservative at the case uptake stage and quite selective when choosing our immigration cases. If you do not have a case at all, we will not take your case no matter how much money is offered, because we work to protect our reputation and be confident in each case we take, not for the money. If you do not have a good winning case, we generally will not take it unless you absolutely insist because we do not “gamble” on our clients’ immigration status in the US. Primarily because of our quality control during case uptake, we have an extremely high success rate.

You are looking for an attorney who has extensive experience in immigration.

We have served thousands of corporate and individual clients on immigration matters. We are very experienced in employment-based immigration cases in which we represent the employers and/or the employees. We are particularly experienced in representing educational institutions, researchers (scientists), and college professors. We have handled immigration cases for more than 125 colleges and universities in the US. Because of our excellence in higher education immigration, our managing attorney Jeff Xie was appointed by Georgia Attorney General’s office as one of the two Special Assistant Attorney Generals (SAAG) who are authorized to represent the 35 public colleges and universities of the University System of Georgia. Mr. Xie has also been appointed by the Attorney General as the Special Assistant Attorney General to represent and handle immigration matters for Georgia’s 33 technical colleges in the Technical College System of Georgia. In addition, Mr. Xie has also been appointed by some other states’ Attorney General’s Offices to represent and handle immigration cases on a case by case basis. These special appointments by state agencies are official recognitions of Mr. Xie’s expertise and achievements in immigration matters. We have also represented many foreign companies in establishing branches in the US and obtaining the work visas for their executives, managers, and specialists to work in the US. We have also helped hundreds of US citizens and permanent residents with their personal immigration matters.

You are looking for an attorney who is readily accessible to you while your case is being completed.

Yes, once you become one of our clients you have complete access to us via phone calls, live chat, emails, faxes, regular mail, overnight carriers and even walk-ins.  If you want to talk to us, there will always be a live person to answer your calls. You can also “live chat” with us during work hours to obtain instant assistance from us. If you contact us by email, you generally get email responses (sometimes phone calls) from us within minutes or the same day, rarely beyond the next day. Faxes and regular mailings are not frequently used because we prefer more instantaneous means of communication so that we can form quicker solutions regarding your case. Overnight delivery has been used for urgent document delivery although most documents can be scanned and emailed. Walk-ins are generally not necessary but our clients are welcome to visit us with or without an appointment. Tip: if you intend to meet a particular case manager at our office, it is advisable to make an appointment in advance so to make sure he/she is waiting for you in office on that day to save you a wait or another trip.

You are looking for an attorney who charges low and reasonable fees.

Our fee schedule is very low and reasonable. Although we do not compare our fees with that of other attorneys, our clients do and we are glad they do. We have a flat fee schedule on all immigration cases, which means that we tell our clients how much the legal fee will be in the beginning of our legal representation and we do not have any hidden charges to surprise our clients with. Our clients feel at home when they are talking to us because we do not have hourly charges (our managing attorney Jeff Xie does not like to wear a watch anyways!). We also offer free case evaluations. We do not charge legal fees if US DOL, USCIS or other government agencies request additional evidence on the cases we are handling. After you become our client,  you can enjoy free lifetime legal consultation. Our fees are low, but we will never sacrifice the quality of our legal services. We understand that we will not become super rich by practicing immigration law, but we enjoy helping immigrants and employers who hire foreign workers.

You are looking for an attorney who understands not only immigration law, but also the personal immigration experience.

Just like you, our managing attorney Mr. Jeff Z. Xie was born and raised in China. He graduated from one of China’s top law schools. In the late 1980s, he won a Ford Foundation scholarship to come to the United States as a visiting scholar. He has personally gone through the immigration process and he knows first-hand the immigrant experience. He understands how important the immigration cases are to the aliens who are dreaming to come to this land of freedom, whether temporarily or permanently. After he graduated from an American law school with the Juris Doctor degree and passed the Bar examination on his first try, he devoted himself to immigration practice after working as an Assistant Counsel at a state agency and becoming an expert on immigration issues.

You are looking for an attorney who is committed to excellence in US immigration law.

Immigration law is our only business and focus. It is what all we do every day. We make sure that we stay abreast of daily changes in immigration law and how those changes might affect our clients’ cases. We have been following closely on what is happening in immigration law. Our managing attorney Jeff Z. Xie has been writing articles about immigration law since 2000 and has published almost 600 articles in local and national Chinese newspapers, each of them reflecting his own research and knowledge in immigration law. He has a passion for his work, and just like him, all Xielaw team members are committed to excellence in immigration law. It is our mission to provide the highest quality service in immigration law. Let us use our reputation, experience, commitment and success in the immigration field to take care of your immigration needs.

We have our promises to our corporate and individual clients!